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Retirement Plan Services

You know your business best. When you can focus on your company's business, your success will multiply.

Increased competition, rapid change, and increasing government regulations increase the challenges you face.

As a business leader, you know there's a lot to running your successful business beyond the core business you manage. There are a lot of important elements critical to your long term success.

Your company retirement plan represents a perfect example. You know you need excellent benefits to attract, reward and retain exceptional employees. You know you need to keep benefit costs reasonable and prudent. Why let the complexities of monitoring your retirement plan take up too much of your valuable work time?

That's why we use a comprehensive six-step process to maintain simplicity, focus, and balance.

Simplicity - We do the work for you.

One of our specially trained financial professionals will take you through our six-step process to develop a retirement plan that meets your company's needs.

We will:

  • evaluate your current retirement plan, including places where you may be paying unnecessary or hidden fees.
  • help find ways to maximize tax benefits.
  • help protect you and your company's fiduciaries from unnecessary litigation.
  • manage the RFP process and analyze proposals to ensure you obtain the solution that best fits the services you require.
  • provide ongoing monitoring of your plan and investments on a regular basis.

Focus - results and pocess.

Think of our team as your team--only without the office on-site. We get the results you're looking for, without you getting inundated with the minutia. We sit by your side quarterbacking the process to find the solution that works best for you, your employees and your company.

You focus on the things you do best.

Balance - deliver value for the services you require.

Often we uncover areas where you're paying unnecessary expenses, and help with ideas and strategies that benefit your company.

An example, hidden investment fees, such as 12 b-1, sub TA or revenue sharing that doesn't actually get "shared."

We help manage the expenses to get the value you expect for the services you need.

Stage 1-Evaluate the Plan

We provide an evaluation of your company's retirement plan objectives, concerns and discuss other plan solutions and ideas.

We review funding strategies, investment philosophies and implementation and fee administration for services required.

Stage 2-Optimize the Plan

We review the tax benefits and opportunities of your retirement program for your company, the owners and the employees. Discuss options with your accounting and auditing team as appropriate.

Stage 3-Fiduciary Review

Meeting your fiduciary responsibilities can be a complex process particularly when you have to concentrate on the other areas of your business. Even brokers that know investments can get overwhelmed by the nuances of retirement plan fiduciary responsibilities. We help control risk by developing a formal investment policy statement and establishing clear criteria for selecting and monitoring investment managers.

In a world of 3(21), 3(38) and 3(16) fiduciaries, why would you choose to go it alone?

Stage 4-B3: RFP Management

We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

Stage 5: Participant Experience

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions.

Stage 6: Ongoing Monitor

Manage the health and welfare of your retirement plan.

  • Stay on top of regulatory changes,
  • Keep informed and share program enhancement options,
  • Investement Due Dilligence on a regular basis.
  • Monitor and Train on Fiduciary Responsibilities.

Additional Retirement Plan Services

Working closely with client's senior management and human resources teams, we offer plan design, funding alternatives and administrative services in reviewing and selecting 401(k), 403(b), SEP and SIMPLE plans as well as defined benefit pension and profit sharing plans. Profitable privately held companies can use these strategies to help build retirement accounts and defer taxes.

Target Date Fund Suitability Reviews: As much of the defined contribution assets go into Target Date Funds, retirement plan sponsors may have fiduciary exposure. We perform target date suitability reviews to help plan sponsors match this important asset group to the needs of the employees.

Non-Qualified Compensation Plans: Our financial professionals can offer customized individual programs for senior management and selected employees with carefully developed plan designs and funding alternatives to meet clients' needs.

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